Makita 25" Electric Hedge Trimmer, 2-sided
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Shipping Weight 10.7 lbs.
Net Weight 8.2 lbs.
Power Type Corded
Overall Length 44-3/4"
Amps 4.8

Makita 25" Electric Hedge Trimmer, 2-sided

The Makita 25" Electric Hedge Trimmer (model UH6570) combines commercial-duty power and ease-of-use for improved performance in a range of applications. The UH6570 is powered by a 4.6 AMP motor that delivers 1,600 SPM for faster trimming, and is engineered for quiet operation and less vibration. The UH6570 has a cutting capacity of 25-1/2" (length) and 1/2" (diameter) for increased efficiency, and the 2-hand operation switch is engineered so the motor runs only when grips are held with both hands. Additional ease-of-use features include a large transparent hand guard for improved view of work area, and a well balanced design for increased user comfort.

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