Makita Laser Distance Measure, 164 ft.
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Shipping Weight .6 lbs.
Net Weight .22 lbs.
Power Type Cordless

Makita Laser Distance Measure, 164 ft.

Laser distance measures offer a fast and convenient solution to distance measuring applications that would otherwise require multiple steps to achieve. The Makita Laser Distance Measure, 164' (model LD050P) is engineered to make tape measuring methods obsolete and provide unmatched productivity and sophistication for a full range of measuring applications. The LD050P provides a distance operating range of up to 164' for moderate distance capacity, and has a top-class accuracy of +/- 5/64" for maximum precision. For added versatility, it provides both standard and metric units of measurement, and the following measurement functions: Distance; Area; Volume; Permanent; Min/Max; Add/Subtract & Pythagoras (2 point); Pythagoras (3 point). Convenience features include an auto power-off function that shuts off the device automatically for increased run time performance, and a simplified user interface button and screen.

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